Mrs. Green, A “Disrupter for Good”

Nothing better than being interviewed by someone passionate about “Disrupting For Good”–the motto of Mrs. Green’s World.  Gina Murphy-Darling digs deep into my book; Listen to the interview and read her “Insights” summary below.


  • How did Bob get involved with sustainability at one of the largest American corporations ever? McDonalds was under attack for their waste generation in the 1980s and Bob stepped up to discover solutions. How does one go from a stance of defensiveness to proactiveness? Great journey shared on this podcast – join us.
  • The Environmental Defense Fund helped to lead the way – amazing partnership and story of true leadership to discover on this show.
  • What was the first question McDonald’s asked when addressing the issues of sustainability they were facing? The answer may surprise you. Learn more on this podcast.
  • How did McDonalds partner with Greenpeace to address the issues surrounding soy and its impact on the Amazon? We can find win/win solutions for all…together – learning a lot on this podcast!
  • Temple Grandin worked with Bob to develop an animal welfare program for McDonalds. Their work ended up being the standard operating norm for the animal industry across the board – Dr. Grandin has stated that until she worked with McDonalds, her work had not made the impact in the 25 years prior that she wanted it to. Her partnership with McDonalds made all the difference in the lives of animals.
  • What is the role of consumers in the changes that McDonalds has made and the changes they continue to make? Important information shared on this podcast – our choices really do matter.
  • 70 million people go to McDonalds every day. McDonalds sees themselves as their consumer’s voice – and consumers want them to do the good thing with the power they have.
  • We need energetic, hopeful leadership that turns our attention to the solutions for climate change and global warming – not just focus on communicating information about the problems.