Keynote Speaker/Moderator

Bob Langert is a seasoned speaker who has addressed major audiences about business sustainability, including the International Egg Commission, United Egg Producers, the Virginia Chamber of Commerce,  CECP: The CEO Force for Good, the National Cattlemen’s College.

“Bob Langert’s keynote talk on stakeholder engagement at the RISE (Resilient Innovation through Sustainable Engineering) Forum was clearly the highlight of the conference.  Attendees noted his passion, deep knowledge of the topic, and engaging style that made it very relevant for their corporate roles. Only a handful of presenters really connect with their audience and with his extensive experience and style, Bob Langert ‘hits the mark.’”  –Karl Schmidt, Adjunct Professor, Villanova University, RISE Forum

Sustainability Strategy Consulting

I advise and help develop sustainability strategies for companies seeking to gain shared value, addressing key societal issues while benefitting their business growth as well. I primarily work with The Context Network as its Senior Sustainability Associate. Context is the premier global and agribusiness consulting firm in advancing agriculture.  

“Bob is an incredibly knowledgeable advocate of environmental sustainability with an impressive track record of tackling and solving complex initiatives in food supply chains. As a member of the Food Chain Advisory Board at Zoetis, he openly shared his viewpoints with logic, reason, and passion to help those involved better understand the importance of a culture embracing corporate social responsibility. His depth of experience and unique perspective truly made a difference.”–Christi Calhoun, Ph.D., Zoetis, Head of Food Chain Relations, U.S. Public Affairs


(Especially for emerging leaders and sustainability students)

Passionate about engaging with young and future sustainable leaders so their journey to make a difference through business is quicker, smarter and impactful.


“Bob was an incredible guest speaker in my class on sustainable strategies for organizations. His candor and enthusiasm made the challenges clear and the successes even more inspirational.  He shared concrete actions that drove measurable impact.  Not only was he a favorite with the students, I learned something new every time he spoke.”

–Karen Weigert, Adjunct Lecturer, Northwestern McCormick School of Engineering; Senior Fellow, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs