Thoughtful Thursday

Today I engaged with my neighbors in the broader community of the Amelia Island Plantation Community Association.  I had a ball.  My favorite part is always the Q&A.  This session’s Q&A was amongst the best. Here are a few of the questions and a very brief answer to them:

Wages at McDonald’s: Hard to defend the low starting wage, but in the context of growth and development, I still think McDonald’s is a great place to start to work for those with no experience.  You can go places at McDonald’s! Most jobs at McDonald’s are part-time.  Most jobs are not meant to provide a family living.

Are franchisees involved? Absolutely.  McDonald’s believes in the three-legged stool, truly.  Franchisees, company people, and suppliers comprise the three legged stool where all have a stake in the business.  Owner-operators have committees and get very involved in company decisions.

Was it hard to get company support for sustainability efforts? No harder than any thing else int eh business.  In fact, when we faced big issues, and I was brought to the C-suite, the questions I always was asked was, “What is the right thing to do?”

Promotional piece for my talk about corporate responsibility at my home community: Amelia Island Plantation.