Shell, The Hague, beautiful Amsterdam countryside

The week of April 9th I travelled to Amsterdam, and eventually The Hague, at the invite of Shell. They wanted me to share the Hard Knock Nuggets of McDonald’s journey. They felt they could learn from McDonald’s experience. Shell is wrestling with many societal, mostly centered on climate change.

I was impressed with the Government Relations team, and their External Relations team, too.  They are smart, sophisticated and dedicated, so I expect them to be successful in addressing their energy transition.


Notice the crooked windows. All building are anchored to the canal bottom and this shifts over time.

I biked with my Amelia Island biking jersey, representing my biking buddies back home in Amelia. What a day, 70 and sunny.

I learned about “bike fishing.” Some 15,000 bikes are thrown into the canals, that are fished out each year. I gather most of the bikes are thrown in by drunks.

This is The Hague area, 45 minutes southwest of Amsterdam, where I met with Shell executives.