The #1 audience for my book

I really believe the number one audience that should read my book are those involved in food and agriculture.  They can learn so much from the McDonald’s journey, and short cut their own journey to be more timely, efficient and impactful.

So I was thrilled to be interviewed by Meat & Poultry!


KANSAS CITY, Mo. – McDonald’s Canada recently announced the launch of its Green Concept Restaurants in Vancouver and British Columbia. These restaurants basically are testing sites for a variety of sustainable packaging and utensil solutions.

Customers visiting these special stores will see paper straws, and wooden cutlery and stir sticks. Cold drinks, specifically medium-size ones, will be served in cups that are acceptable in recycling streams.

The Green Concept Restaurant is one in a series of measures McDonald’s has taken to reduce their restaurants’ environmental footprint. But how did McDonald’s get to this point in the first place? To find out, MEAT+POULTRY spoke with Bob Langert, a former McDonald’s vice president over sustainability initiatives and author of The Battle To Do Good: Inside McDonald’s Sustainability Journey.

McDonald’s battle to do good included external and internal skirmishes because, “…getting anything done in a business is hard as anything, and when it comes to sustainability, almost all the issues that I worked on for almost three decades — they’re all new things — implementing a new animal welfare program or fund new packaging policies. So, as you know, human nature when we start something new it’s always a challenge.”