C-Span comes to Fernandina Beach

March 7, 2019: I was invited to speak to the Rotary Club of Fernandina Beach at the Story and Song, a place not on for books, but culture, ideas, and community.  I can’t speak more highly about Story and Song!  C-Span came to tape my presentation and the dialogue. It was quite an exciting scene.  I got a real kick out of the Rotary Club meeting. They started out by singing songs, together.  I was impressed and moved by their joy. They approved a full four year scholarship for a student in need. Again, impressed.

After the Rotary discussion, Story and Song hosted a community discussion of my book. I was grateful for so many friends coming and showing interest in my book.  Friends came from tennis, my condo community, the biking group I enjoy, and the Amelia Island Book Festival. Thank you everyone! I got lots of fair and tough questions. My favorite was about the economics of sustainability. Many believe it is an extra cost. I believe it should be mainstream and not a niche, premium aspect of running a business.

Speaking to the Fernandina Beach Rotary Club at Story and Song Bookstore

At the superior bookstore/bistro/culture center Story and Song in Fernandina Beach, Fl.


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